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Whether you want insight into your organisations transaction data to ensure financial integrity and compliance, looking to detect or prevent fraud or want to take the next step towards workspace optimisation with smart sensing technology that improves your building or employee health, our tools are able to assist you to unlock the truth hidden in your data.

Products & Services

Modern audit

Drive efficiency across the audit workflow with built-in best practices and a solution that scales with you. Become a trusted advisor and deliver the visibility boards, executives and stakeholders need to make revenue-generating decisions.

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Modern risk

Provide visibility into risk and mitigate the cost of managing it. Empower executives with visibility into risk and deliver the confidence that comes from strategic risk management based on best practices.

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Modern governance

Today’s leaders often must navigate disparate tools, data, integrations and processes. Modern governance brings these pieces together – so boards and leaders throughout the organization have the information they need when they need it.

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Modern compliance

Empower employees to make the right choices. Through one integrated platform, you can inform and educate employees – and document your organization’s journey to a culture of engagement, clarity and transparency.

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Modern ESG

Diligent empowers organizations of every size to meet and exceed their ESG goals. Explore our ESG data collection, analysis and reporting tools for your business today.

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Board Effect

BoardEffect a Diligent brand delivers an agile board management solution optimized for governance leaders of nonprofits, higher education institutions, community healthcare organizations and credit unions with the right tools, analytics, and insights to drive more efficient, transparent, and secure governance.

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Who we are

Activedge is able to strategically optimize value within any type of organization by deploying quality GRC solutions that best suit your organization’s unique needs. Through a combination of best of breed technology and in-house specialist expertise.

Certified ACL Trainers and consultant.

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One governance platform, that supports many industries

Financial services

Increased competition, new regulations and heightened cyber risks mean FSIs must be ready to make data-driven decisions.


Tightening regulations, increased cyberthreats and evolving ESG demands require solutions that keep pace with business today.


Advance transparently & efficiently with data-driven GRC software. From automated control monitoring and contracts oversight to IT governance and fraud protection.


As the energy industry grapples with evolving regulations, fluctuating prices and increased focus on sustainability, having the right data at the right time is critical.

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At Activedge, timely solution delivery means good business